Thursday, October 26, 2006

Engagement Session in Downtown!

We had been dying to do an Engagement shoot in Downtown San Diego...and the day had finally come! Christy & Todd were up to the challenge and they simply did outstanding; their chemistry was more than we could ask for. We walked all over the gaslamp area of town and just kept finding one awesome spot after another; it was a creative high for all four of us because we all enjoyed the scenery and contributed to tons of different ideas as we went from place to place. Todd had the idea of checking out a new place that some friends of theirs were opening so made our way over but it was still under construction. But that was the good part! There was an ad on the front of the construction walls that not only had great impact but complete relevance because wouldn't you know Todd is pure Australian!
"Hey what do you guys think of the idea of getting in that fountain?" They were practically in there before I could finish the sentence! Here are some more shots from the session...Enjoy!


Trailbrook said...

Kick ass baby! love the shots and keep up the good work!


stan and jen

Prodigy Studios said...
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Prodigy Studios said...

Damn good pictures! That australian photos is such an awesome coincidence. Amazing photos homie and ofcourse Marissa.

Michael Whittaker said...

You two continually impress and motivate me. Hawaii is such a beautiful place to photo! Love ya both!