Monday, July 07, 2008

New Bouchér blog launched! yeah!!!

Out with the old and in with the new! We finally redesigned our blog entirely and would love for you to come in and cut the ribbon on it...

All future blogs will be posted to the new blog link above so be sure to update your link information if checking on our studio regularly.

As much as we'll miss the prior posts from our old blog (this one), past posts will all still be available from it's usual link at

We super excited because we can finally post our blog images at much larger sizes and utilize a bunch of other features that make your Bouchér blog surfing all the more enjoyable.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Batter up! Danielle & Kenoli's Engagement Shoot.

Danielle & Kenoli's engagement shoot was really cool because they brought along Baseball Jerseys, bats, baseballs, mitts, etc so it just brought a fun element to certain shots. Kenoli is a very talented player himself so he looked like quite the natural on the Palomar Baseball field while Danielle complimented him very well with her upbeat and incredibly sweet presence. Danielle & Kenoli also arranged for the field tenant to keep the field open late and gave Kenoli access to put their wedding date on the scoreboard!

The shoot began in a somewhat comedic mood because we seriously showed up, shook hands, and it was "go team!". We literally began running all over the field racing against the setting sun (see pic below). The light was gorgeous but it was moving quicker than expected so it was pretty fast-paced compared to most shoots. Although I think we all enjoyed the excitement of moving so quick through everything. Danielle and Kenoli were such good listeners and just busted out everything we threw at them. Danielle also had a bunch of really cool ideas for shots so it was the ideal scenario being that we had such limited time to nail it. All in in all, the shoot was HOME RUN!

This is Marissa, Danielle and Kenoli as we're literally racing against the setting sun.
Their wedding date on the scoreboard, NICE!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sheyna and Gavin

Sheyna and Gavin were in town one last time before they tie the knot. We had excellent weather at the park and really enjoyed their company. I just loved their dynamic. I know we say it almost too often but we are so fortunate in that all the couples we photograph we feel like old friends by the end of the shoot. Also, in this case Sheyna and Weston had graduated in the same class at Ramona High so it was a bit of a reunion in that we all knew each other back in the day. And, don't want to leave you out Gavin, it was wonderful to meet and get to know you. I bet you enjoyed watching Tiger win ;)

We aren't ashamed of our nerdy-ness

If you were wondering where I was on my birthday June 19th, here is proof that I was doing something useful with my time..... fighting empire forces and restoring peace throughout the galaxy.... your welcome.

From left to right, Kimee, Yoda, Brian, Weston, me (Marissa)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I just want to finish my "To-Do" 's so I can blog!

Oh, where, oh where does the time go! We have so many things that we want to blog and just not enough hours in the day. I love this recent comment that we got on the blog because we have been so poky with it. Courtney said...

"Can't wait to see the rest of them...I was starting to wonder if all of our friends were so ugly, that they didn't want to blog our pictures!!!=)"

The only truth in that statement Courtney is that you are hilarious. That cracked me up but also made us realize how many of you look at our blog and want to see new pics. Tomorrow I promise you some juicy new photos :)

World Vision Girls in Crisis Fund

Most of you already know that we give $5 for every shoot that we do here at Woman Captured (the For His Eyes Only Boudoir portion of our studio) to a fund that is very near and dear to our hearts. We are eager to find ways to give even more aid to these girls and are excited to announce that we are giving away a "Sexiest Gift" package as incentive to give. It's actually very simple to give on the site, just visit and they will walk you through quick steps. Even if you have already had a shoot, you can always come back or give it away as a gift! And, guys, you can win one for your lady so don't hesitate to give! Warmest wishes to you all and thank you for your help. Together we can meet our goal!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Julie and Kent... you guys rock!

Wow, all we can say is WOW! We felt so welcomed at your wedding. Your family, friends and especially the two of you made us feel as if we were the guests of the evening or something. That really meant a lot to us. We know that you were bummed that it rained, but boy, it makes for some really sweet images. Not to sound cheesy, but it was pretty darn romantic. Looking forward to having you in to the studio so that you can see them BIG before they go online. But Kent, Julie tells us your a hard working guy and i know it may be tough for you to come in, just keep us posted. Thanks again you two. Oh, and can we just say that you all know how to have some serious fun! We are so blessed and honored to have been able to photograph your special day.

Shoot for San Diego Style Mag!

Photo Shoot!
Cross your fingers for us because this week Weston and I have been shooting for the awesome San Diego Style Weddings Magazine. We are definitely hoping for a cover, so say a little prayer for us ;) We wanted to extend a big thank you to Dena, head hauncho over at the mag. Thanks for letting us get edgy, and sometime even a bit too edgy with your models (not sure if the one with the vintage cigarette holder and ciggie is going to make it but it sure was fun to shoot!) We can't display any images because of course we want it to be a big surprise, but I can post some fun ones from the chaos of the day.
The styling duo, Alisa and Angela from "The Unveiled Bride."

What a stance! I guess this is what I look like when I shoot, oh boy!
Thanks Alexis and Nikki our beautiful models.Some side shots of some of our fav images,
don't want to post the very best just yet until the mag comes out ;)
We also want to thank Kimee, who for some reason that I am sure she finds very annoying, I feel the need to have her expertise nearby at all times in case I feel like I am majorly blowing it. She also got some really great shots, I think the one side shot of Alexis with the crazy awesome hair is her image. Check out her own work at (awesome children stuff). And a big thanks to our friend Brian for bringing the worlds most bad-ass car to shoot with. You rock big time.
Here is Haydee scouting out a new location for us. She is fearless!
Thank you to the fabulous hair and make up artists Joie Civette at "Brides by Blondie" and Ellie with "A New Twist"and many thanks to one of our favs, Haydee from Haydee's Creative Flowers,

PS. I couldn't get any of our blog actions to work today for some reason, so excuse the lack of uniformity!