Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Full house at the Bouchér's!

Just wanted to let everyone know that all of your wedding photos are 100% safe! :). We have several evacuees(family & friends) inside the Bouchér residence/studio and it has definitely become quite the full house. Business has been down for a few days now based on possible evacuations but our Assistants Kimee and Crystal will be coming in today for a few hours to start getting caught up with client-related emails, etc. In the meantime Marissa and I (Weston) will be accommodating our guests and staying glued to the news/internet/AM Radio to make sure we are on top of any new information on the fire's progress. We aren't in the clear just yet based on our location being right in the middle of most of the fire ring that is around the county. Lucky for us it has kept it's distance and traveled towards the coast. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone out there who is experiencing this tragic week. We are incredibly grateful for our current situation and simply feel terrible for those who are in a much more difficult situation than us; those who have lost everything or are displaced from their homes. Wanted to also thank all our clients who have been so kind as to inquire about our situation; we love ya! Thank you for thinking of us. We hope that you are all safe as well.

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ed atrero said...

hey weston and marisa!
so glad you two are doing well and hope life is less hectic as it was last week
take care,
ed & karen