Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shoot for San Diego Style Mag!

Photo Shoot!
Cross your fingers for us because this week Weston and I have been shooting for the awesome San Diego Style Weddings Magazine. We are definitely hoping for a cover, so say a little prayer for us ;) We wanted to extend a big thank you to Dena, head hauncho over at the mag. Thanks for letting us get edgy, and sometime even a bit too edgy with your models (not sure if the one with the vintage cigarette holder and ciggie is going to make it but it sure was fun to shoot!) We can't display any images because of course we want it to be a big surprise, but I can post some fun ones from the chaos of the day.
The styling duo, Alisa and Angela from "The Unveiled Bride."

What a stance! I guess this is what I look like when I shoot, oh boy!
Thanks Alexis and Nikki our beautiful models.Some side shots of some of our fav images,
don't want to post the very best just yet until the mag comes out ;)
We also want to thank Kimee, who for some reason that I am sure she finds very annoying, I feel the need to have her expertise nearby at all times in case I feel like I am majorly blowing it. She also got some really great shots, I think the one side shot of Alexis with the crazy awesome hair is her image. Check out her own work at (awesome children stuff). And a big thanks to our friend Brian for bringing the worlds most bad-ass car to shoot with. You rock big time.
Here is Haydee scouting out a new location for us. She is fearless!
Thank you to the fabulous hair and make up artists Joie Civette at "Brides by Blondie" and Ellie with "A New Twist"and many thanks to one of our favs, Haydee from Haydee's Creative Flowers,

PS. I couldn't get any of our blog actions to work today for some reason, so excuse the lack of uniformity!


Kimberlee West said...

Hey guys, I can't WAIT to see all of these images! Riss, you and I both know you don't really NEED me, but you're so sweet - thanks for the kind words. But I am definitely very happy that I was able to hang out with you guys... it was such a fun day, and you both totally rocked it at this shoot!

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