Thursday, July 03, 2008

Batter up! Danielle & Kenoli's Engagement Shoot.

Danielle & Kenoli's engagement shoot was really cool because they brought along Baseball Jerseys, bats, baseballs, mitts, etc so it just brought a fun element to certain shots. Kenoli is a very talented player himself so he looked like quite the natural on the Palomar Baseball field while Danielle complimented him very well with her upbeat and incredibly sweet presence. Danielle & Kenoli also arranged for the field tenant to keep the field open late and gave Kenoli access to put their wedding date on the scoreboard!

The shoot began in a somewhat comedic mood because we seriously showed up, shook hands, and it was "go team!". We literally began running all over the field racing against the setting sun (see pic below). The light was gorgeous but it was moving quicker than expected so it was pretty fast-paced compared to most shoots. Although I think we all enjoyed the excitement of moving so quick through everything. Danielle and Kenoli were such good listeners and just busted out everything we threw at them. Danielle also had a bunch of really cool ideas for shots so it was the ideal scenario being that we had such limited time to nail it. All in in all, the shoot was HOME RUN!

This is Marissa, Danielle and Kenoli as we're literally racing against the setting sun.
Their wedding date on the scoreboard, NICE!

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The Last 40% Photography said...

Great photos. I really like the 3rd to last one!