Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, Happy Day...

Weston and I seriously wish we had the time to blog EVERY wedding, but unfortunately sleep is necessary. Darn!

Here are a few photos from Christy and Todd's wedding. These two light up the room and deserve every bit of love and support that their families pour on them. Christy also had some incredible ideas for making her wedding as unique and personalized as they come.

Choreographed Dance. They nailed it!

Instant BFF

Flip Flops in all sizes labeled "Dancing Shoes", blankets and shawls because it was an outdoor event and women are prone to get chilly. How creative.

Beautiful lanterns to give an instant romantic ambiance

I should let Christy tell you all about her wedding Wednesdays since it is such a fun idea, but I'll dish on it for her. The clever girl didn't want to bombard Todd with wedding plans 24/7 so she and Todd agreed that only on Weds could she chat his ear off about everything. Keeping the relationship not all about planning. What a great idea.

What a day, what a couple. We are so blessed to be included in so many couple's special day.

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