Monday, July 02, 2007

Rachel and Patrick in America's finest city!

You're looking at Rachel and about a MFEO couple(made for each other)! I swear we are so blessed with the couples that come to us; they're just a true pleasure to know and be around. These two had already been a couple for 10 years prior to their engagement and you wouldn't have known for a second with how flirtatious and cuddly they were with each other. Translation...perfect to photograph! We bounced around downtown and after shooting just under an hour, we knew that we sealed the deal and got some of our best engagement shots yet. Take a peek below at their Engagement Album layout and click on each spread to see it enlarged (guests use a special pen and sign on the actual negative space in the layouts when arriving to the reception, people love 'em!). Weston


Jasmine said...

Soooo ROCKIN'! I LOVE it! :)

sdohana said...

love your use of downtown!