Friday, March 28, 2008

Lily & Chris at La Jolla Cove!

Lily and Chris' engagement shoot down at the Cove was a seriously good time. It reminded me of how blessed Marissa and I are to be involved in a profession that literally documents and celebrates people finding love. And for good measure, also being able to live and shoot in sunny San Diego is something I constantly try to remind myself of how lucky we are. I mean being down at La Jolla cove where tourists are swarming from all over the world and we are just a hop, skip and a jump away. I'm not sure anyone can deny that being near nature is literally healing to the soul. It somehow makes everything else you were worrying about in life seems so small; it's a serious perspective shift; suddenly being a beach bum sounds kinda nice :).

My impression of Lily and Chris was simply genuine. They really impressed me and Marissa with their striking expressions and you couldn't help but admire how with the closer they embraced, the more calm they appeared finding comfort in each other. Lily is a delivery nurse while Chris works for the gaming commission. The guy has got a seriously intimidating stature about him but he's so welcoming at the same time which you wouldn't think would make sense. We like them a lot and after the session we knew the wedding day would be breeze with how well they photograph.

It's pretty funny to watch me and Marissa shoot a couple because we're always laughing at each other as we shoot. For instance, I made the stupid mistake of wearing this cadet style hat with a bill and since it got in the way of putting my camera's viewfinder to my eye I had to just prop it up on my head which made me look like a total clown. Marissa didn't hesitate for a second to point out how lame I looked, lol. Then she took a shot of me (see below). I tried putting it backwards like Sylvester Stallone in that arm-wrestling movie "Over the Top" but that was super-lame as well. Then at another recent shoot with Ashley & Eddie I found myself in a peculiar position (to get a certain angle on a shot) which Marissa also didnt' hesitate to point out that I looked like I was in position for a camping-style bathroom break (photo also below). She was right though, I look pretty ridiculous. I know she loves me at my best or worst, bad breath, good breath, bed head, so whateves! ;p

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Kimberlee West said...

You guys rock! That first shot is so stunning- absolutely beautiful!!! :)