Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yoko & Shane at the Grande Colonial in La Jolla!

Hey Yoko & Shane! Hope you get a chance to read this blog post because we've been dying to show off some of the photos from your gorgeous wedding at the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla. We added a gallery to our new website as well because these babies need to be seen!

So a little background on the couple...Yoko is a massage therapist (Shane, you scored there!) and Shane is in the same business as us, photography :). When we first met Yoko & Shane it was at Bondi restaurant in downtown San Diego for their engagement shoot. We admired Yoko & Shane right off the bat with how down to earth and humble they are as people; it made shooting them a piece of cake and gave us all the creative freedom in the world. Long story short the engagement shots turned out awesome(of which I'll be adding some to our site's engagement gallery soon).

Come the day of the wedding, these two were extremely jazzed about taking even more photos now that they were all spruced up for their big day. What was great about Yoko & Shane was that they valued the photography so much that they allocated more time than any couple thus far that we've worked with. We can't stress the importance of this enough to couple's we meet with. If Marissa and I can be given solid creative freedom and time in the schedule, your photos will be testament to those factors. Sure we work great under pressure and get what we need, but that's really a disservice to what could've been had we had more time.

The wedding was a complete success, Marissa and I were honored to be a part of Yoko & Shane's union and merging of two very unique and special families. Speaking of, what a great bunch of family and friends you guys have! It was so cool seeing Yoko's Mom in traditional Kimono attire. Also, loved the custom ring made by Derrick Obatake at www.SteelFlame.com.

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Oh...the many sides of Bouchér...

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