Friday, May 02, 2008

In Laguna Beach with the lovely couple Melissa & Adam!

The shot above is one of my faves in a long time (Click on it to enlarge). I just love her expression and the way the wind blew her hair across her face and the way the sun lit everything from that direction. Then adding the mysterious tall, dark and handsome Adam sealed the deal. :)

We don't leave San Diego too often to do engagement shoots but when it's Laguna Beach on a practically private beach, all that goes out the window. So we meet up with Melissa and Adam at the Montage Hotel Bar/Lounge and we were stoked to see that they were chillin' having a drink before the e-session began. We always think a drink takes the edge off and everyone becomes a bit more relaxed in front of the camera and more willing to have fun with it. But go beyond a couple drinks or more and then you're askin' for trouble. Lucky for us, Melissa and Adam took the conservative route.

Whoa, got sidetracked there...So in a nutshell, Adam & Melissa's photo collection were one of Marissa and I's absolute favorites. There were at least 150+ photos that I was totally stoked on. I wanted to put them all up on the blog! We felt so comfortable around them and I kept thinking to myself, I could totally hang out with these two. They're so relaxed, positive and have a great sense of humor. We loved their dynamic as a couple, just so happy to be around each other and in the moment. Yet another couple that we're totally impressed with. Sometimes when I'm driving behind bad drivers I'm certain that I've lost all hope in humanity but people like our clients remind me to reconsider. Well...until I get behind them on the road I suppose ;p. Anyway I'll stop blabbin', check out the shots...

Here's Marissa in action. Yes I purposely left her bubble butt in the shot for my own amusement. What?! It's my wife I can say stuff like that right? or? hmm.

The shot above cracks me up. Adam's boxers have that Gnome from Travelocity on them and it says "Rollin' with my Gnomies". That's genius in my opinion. Stupid, but genius. I love humor like that.


Matthew Saville said...

Personally, I LOVE that 2nd to last shot. Just a beautiful gaze, a genuine portrait. Fantastic B&W job, by the way.


Kimberlee West said...

Hey guys- these are gorgeous (as always). I'm so happy that you're now posting more of your shots for us all to appreciate. After seeing your work (behind the scenes) for 2 years, I've always been in awe over your consistently awesome work... and it's about time that you started showing your talent to the blog world! :) hehe. Seriously, these are so great. Miss you both, M&W! See you soon! xoxo, Kimee