Monday, May 26, 2008

Love on the runway with Lindsay & Brandon!

So here's the scenario...Lindsay and Brandon are lookin' to do the engagement shoot. Well given that Brandon is a flight instructor who has access to planes, a plane hangar, and the airport in general, it's safe to say that we were as ready as Maverick was to buzz the tower on this baby. We actually shot for almost two hours; you could say we got carried away. So first things first, Lindsay & Brandon show up in an immaculate black Audi S4 that you could eat literally eat off of it was so clean. I'm already impressed. Then we head over to the plane hangar and give them a ride in our dog hair covered car, embarrassing. Now we're at the hangar and decide to get some shots in front of it since it's pretty daunting in size and makes for quite the backdrop. So then we pull aside the 2 huge steel rolling doors to unveil the brand spankin' new Cessna plane and pull it out to crank up the propeller and take a quick stroll over to another area of the airport for some killer shots. This plane was seriously nice inside, the aroma of the leather combined with the color screens and engine roar made me quickly realize how bad I wanted to take off and spend some air time in this baby! So we ended up shooting all sorts of stuff around the plane and shot until the sun basically went down. It was a good time for Marissa and I because we had so much open space but also such a freakin' cool prop (no pun intended) to shoot with. Lindsay, Brandon, BRAVO! You guys rocked this shoot. This couple IS saucy as stated in the video. They worked it out and the shots speak for themselves.


Lindsay said...

OMG I'm so freakin in love with you guys right now! AMAZING WORK! Bravo bravo!

Emily Jane said...

As president of the "Lindon Brandsay" fan club, you captured them perfectly. Your shots are INCREDIBLE. Great work!

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Why are you guys so rad? I really enjoyed this set, but with those last knocked it outta the park!